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"I wasn’t expecting much from an Atlantis-themed novel, but Robin Maxwell’s Atlantos is a tremendous, exhilarating, unputdownable SURPRISE with deep and engaging characters and such a clever plot full of twists and turns and unexpected challenges. These qualities, and the sheer sustained craftsmanship of the author from first page to last, combine to make Atlantos a brilliant read. But beyond that, this unique novel offers a plausible, completely unexpected explanation of the Atlantis mystery, and with it some real food for thought for anyone interested in the secrets of humanity’s forgotten past."
Graham Hancock, international bestselling author of
Fingerprints of the Gods
and Magicians of the Gods
"Lost civilizations, the manipulation of human evolution, monsters and a high-tech colony on Mars - these, and a brilliant literary style add up to make Atlantos an instant classic and a science fiction masterpiece."
Ronald Shusett, writer-producer of Alien and Total Recall
“If you fancy titanic struggles of godlike beings at the dawn of history, then strap yourself in for a vivid re-imagining of one of our oldest and most mysterious legends. Maxwell has created a fantastic world so thrillingly described that the reader will want to live there for a long, long time.”
— Christopher Vogler, bestselling author of
The Writers Journey: Mythic Structure for Writer
"I couldn't put it down."
Victoria Gevoian, Whole Life Times
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Private Lives of the Gods,
narrated by Robin Maxwell
In Defense of Plato's Atlantis,
narrated by Robin Maxwell
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